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Car Accidents Are The Principal Sources Of Death Amongst Teenagers Between The Ages 15 and 20

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that the main cause of deaths amongst teenagers between the ages 15 and 20 is car accidents. This age group is three times more susceptible to being killed by a car collision. Most teenagers are still in the immature stage and lack the experience to make the right decisions while driving. They make bad decisions like not wearing their seatbelts and speeding. An outstanding 55% of teenagers killed by car accidents are found not wearing their seatbelts.

Many states have adopted a “graduated driver’s license”, which is where a teenager is paired with an adult who is supervising them while they get the experience of driving without any distractions. These are Florida’s requirements for a minor to get a learner’s license:

  • They cannot be younger than 15 years old
  • They need to have a Parental Consent Formed signed and notarized if they are under the age of 18
  • They must take a hearing and vision test
  • They must have proof of the completion of Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education class
  • They must get an 80% on the Class E Knowledge Test

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Teenage Drivers Get Distracted

Texting is one of the major issues for not only teenagers but everyone driving. It has become so widely spread like a virus, although it is prohibited in most states. Teenagers are susceptible to many visual and auditory distractions. Because of their age, teenagers find it difficult to not pay attention to those distractions, which can be a cause of an accident.

As soon as they receive a text or a Facebook notification, they lack the willpower to at least wait until they have reached a red light. Teenagers tend to pay more attention to other drivers around them rather than their own driving habits.

The Consumption of Alcohol Amongst Teenage Drivers

Drinking and driving is against the law for any driver, but teenagers who do so are more likely to create an accident then if it were an adult driver who was drinking and driving. The teenager lacks the experience of knowing what to do when a certain situation arises. Drinking and driving plus the inexperience of driving are both problems for a teenage driver and others on their path.

Making Teenage Driving Improvements

Technology has become a powerful asset in today’s society. It can help the teenage driver stay safe.

  • There are cellphone blocking technologies that do not allow the teenager to use their phone while they are driving. It prohibits them from answering an incoming call and texting anyone.
  • A teenager’s speed and positioning can also be monitored through after-market devices
  • Many cars now contain breathalyzers that will not start if the teenager has a high alcohol blood level
  • Seatbelt usage should be emphasized by parents because it is an asset that can save a life

The first six months, while a teenager is learning to drive, is a crucial period. This is when they need to receive all the advice and supervision by their guardians to ensure they are correctly driving. Technology can assist in this process but receiving education on safe driving should start at home.

Percy Martinez Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Negligent and reckless driving can be performed by any driver. When teenagers do it, it is even more dangerous than if it were an adult because they do not have the same experience. A victim who got into an accident because of an inexperienced teenager can recover for their damages if it was found that the teenager acted negligently. Victims should call the lawyers of Percy Martinez Law firm so that they can evaluate all aspects of the case.

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