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Top Causes of Traffic Accidents

Every year, numerous traffic accidents take place, resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries in the United States. The thing to note is that most of these traffic accidents can be easily avoided or prevented. By understanding the common causes of these traffic violations, the incidence of these accidents can be reduced. Given below is a list of some of the common causes of traffic accidents:

Reckless driving and Speeding – If the driver fails to follow the speed limits, or is driving around recklessly, it will most likely result in a traffic accident.

Distracted driving – Using a mobile phone while driving, engaging in other activities such as eating a snack or burger while driving, or engaging in a conversation with other passengers in the vehicle are all examples of distracted driving. Listening to loud music, reaching for an object in the car, or smoking are also examples of distracted driving.

Using a mobile phone – As already mentioned, using a mobile phone is a form of distracted driving. When a person is texting while driving, or is making a call, it distracts them and takes their attention off the road. Strict laws are being passed for distracted driving, especially if using a mobile phone results in severe bodily injury or death.

Lack of sleep and driver fatigue – Around 2.5 – 3.0% of all roadway accidents and fatalities in the United States are caused due to the driver falling asleep while driving. Driver fatigue is a common problem among commercial vehicle drivers as they have to travel long distances and cannot take breaks in between. A person who has a habit of falling asleep at the wheel may face criminal charges.

Driving while under the influence or Drunk driving – Drunk driving, or driving while under the influence of an intoxicant, such as a drug or narcotic, increases the probability of an auto accident by 90%. Drunk driving is a leading cause of accidents and fatalities on the roads.

Roadway construction defects – If the roadways are improperly designed, or if the traffic lights and roadway signals are improperly installed, it will result in traffic accidents.

Defective automobile parts – Defective automobile and automobile parts can cause severe injuries to occupants. Similarly, defective airbags and defective seatbelts may not do their job when needed.

Rubber-necking – Similar to distracted driving, rubber necking refers to drivers looking at their surroundings, without focusing on the road and traffic around them. For example, if the driver is looking at a nice view on the road, or admiring the sunset, without paying attention to driving, it can result in an accident.

Unfavorable weather conditions – Poor weather conditions are another great danger to motorists on the road. High winds, icy roads, oily surfaces are common examples of road hazards that can lead to an accident.

Failing to cordon off construction zones – During road construction, if the construction crew fails to cordon off construction zones, it results in an increased probability of auto accidents.

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