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What Are Some Ways to Prevent Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home neglect occurs more often than it should be occurring. However, nursing homes and their employees can take a number of preventative measures to reduce the number of neglect cases that occur. Old Folks’ Homes are required to provide all of their residents with reasonable care, basic needs, social and emotional support, along with protection. When neglect is committed in any of the previous categories, a resident can suffer a number of injuries and become more susceptible to losing their life.

Preventing nursing home neglect will not only be beneficial for the residents, but it will also be beneficial for the nursing home business. When a nursing home has been stamped with cases of neglect or abuse, potential residents will no longer place their money within that facility. The family members will choose a facility where there have been no cases of neglect. When a family member places their loved on in a nursing home, they expect for them to be treated as they would be if they were with their own family. Discovering the neglect has been inflicted upon a loved one can be difficult to grasp and take in, but the Miami elderly abuse attorneys can hold these employees and facilities responsible for being the cause of the neglect.

Unfortunately, these vulnerable adults are sometimes unable to express themselves, and many of these cases are never brought to anyone’s attention. Who knows how many actual cases of neglect go unreported. Every year thousands of neglect and abuse cases presented to authorities and personal injury lawyers, while thousands more go unreported. Preventative measures need to be taken by nursing home facilities to ensure their residents are receiving top quality care.

Efforts That Can Be Taken To Reduce Neglect in Nursing Homes

Every life is important, no matter if they are terminally ill or in a vegetative state. Everyone is entitled to be treated well and receive appropriate care and basic needs. A nursing home is a facility where many elder people are entrusted by their family members to be cared for. To prevent neglect within an Old Folks Home, the nursing home and employees can take the following measures:

  • Frequently checking on high-risk patients to avoid falls
  • The constant availability to help residents that lack mobility
  • Close attention should be given the environment to ensure that it is clean and safe
  • Constant monitoring of the resident’s mental ability and mobility
  • Hiring more employees to avoid understaffing
  • Evaluating current employees to assess their mental state
  • Make sure that every resident has a care plan
  • Follow the care and treatment plan thoroughly

These are just a few actions that can be done to reduce the number of neglect cases that are taking place. Along with the nursing home and employees, the family members can also take action by regularly visiting their loved one. A resident that is regularly visited by a loved one has fewer chances of being neglected.

Helping to Prevent Future Neglect Cases

The objective of our personal injury law firm is to not only help those who were neglected, but to prevent other residents from becoming victims of neglect. The firm will review the case of their client and work on recovering the most out of the damages that the resident obtained.






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