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Successfully Litigating A Child Custody Case In California

Divorce is often a difficult and painful experience to endure because it inherently affects familial relationships in negative ways and gets even more complicated when children are involved. If you are going through a divorce that involves children, it is necessary to retain an experienced law firm to help with either negotiating the custody aspect of divorce or litigating it….read more →

Excessive Use Of Social Media May Cause A Divorce

It can often be hard for us in an increasingly digital world, to log off our electronic devices. People feel compelled to check email, surf the web, and connect on social media constantly. It comes as no big surprise that getting off the proverbial grid for a while is good for us, since it forces us to pay attention to…read more →

Mediating Child Custody Disputes In A Divorce

Mediation is most appropriate and recommended process of resolving child custody disputes. Parents are aware of this fact but most of them aren’t sure what it is or how to initiate it. It is a process whereby legal disputes are resolved by having a neutral 3rd party or a professional mediator who assists parents is discussing their issues amicably and…read more →

The Importance Of Supporting Children After A Divorce

Supporting the children is the primary duty of both parents and its importance remains the same whether the parents are living together or not. A blessing such as a child should be taken care of and raised in an appropriate manner until they reach adulthood. However, not all families survive due to factors such as irreconcilable differences and the children’s…read more →

The Importance Of Mediating A High Asset Divorce Case

People generally have no idea about the amount of effort and sacrifice it takes for someone to amass a high net worth. People who possess an estate worth $10 million or more probably didn’t inherit the money or win a lottery. Such people defer gratification of investments and regularly invest in their savings and investment accounts foregoing simple pleasures that…read more →

What is a collaborative divorce and how does it work?

Collaborative divorce law refers to the way of working out an argument in court and deciding whether couples want to proceed with the divorce with the help of attorneys, peacekeepers and other divorce professionals. It is a procedure by which parties utilize mediation and connections to settle their separation. A few courts even make it compulsory that separating parties consider…read more →

Getting Help from a Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse Defense Attorney

Domestic violence and spousal abuse is considered a criminal offense which carries severe consequences. Being married does not entitle anyone to hit or threaten their spouse in any way. An abusive relationship is not only worrisome for the spouse, but it is also quite disturbing for the kids. When there are threats of violence or episodes of actual physical violence…read more →

What steps need to be taken in parental alienation cases?

Parental alienation (PA) can be said to be occurring in cases where one parent communicates in a derogatory manner about the other parent, in a way that affects their children mentally, emotionally or physically. Essentially, one parent engages with the child or children emotionally, sometimes with material things to win the child over and attempt to make the child or…read more →

What Are Some Ways to Prevent Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home neglect occurs more often than it should be occurring. However, nursing homes and their employees can take a number of preventative measures to reduce the number of neglect cases that occur. Old Folks’ Homes are required to provide all of their residents with reasonable care, basic needs, social and emotional support, along with protection. When neglect is committed…read more →

What steps need to be taken if Child Protective Services is investigating you?

What steps need to be taken if Child Protective Services is investigating you? An accusation of abusing or neglecting one’s child or children is upsetting for any parent, but even more so when the accusation comes from the government itself and the parents are threatened with having their children taken away by Child Protective Services. In case your family is…read more →

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