Domestic Violence

Protecting victims from domestic violence

Spouses experiencing violence in marriage often file for divorce stating “domestic violence” as the cause.  Unmarried partners may also experience domestic violence.  As victims, abused spouses or partners desperately need to get away from the suffering and pain.

Legal support mechanisms in Phoenix for domestic violence victims include “formal separation” and “order of protection.” These legal mechanisms may be included in divorce or other legal proceedings to restrict an individual from gaining contact to abuse another.

The order of protection is exercised similar to a restraining order.  For such legal protection to take effect, the victim of domestic violence needs to show that the person abusing them is:

  • Either a spouse or former spouse
  • Presently living or previously lived with the victim
  • The parent of your child or children

To immediately protect a person, child and/or children from domestic violence, an emergency order of protection may be obtained.  The emergency order of protection provides the necessary security from harm for a partner and their child or children who may be victims or at risk of victimization and domestic violence.

If you, your child or children are at risk of domestic violence, contact a Scottsdale divorce lawyer for best safety advice and protective action.  Should you be unjustifiably accused of domestic violence, contact a Scottsdale divorce attorney at Cantor Law Group for representation to protect your rights.  We act in the best interests of individuals involved in domestic violence cases, with an initial free consultation.

Access legal protection in Scottsdale for domestic violence

Cantor Law Group are dedicated to providing individuals suffering from abuse from partners, spouses or relatives with effective legal protection to stop continued harm.  Our lawyers working on domestic violence cases ready to give you the best legal representation available.

We provide a 24-hour service for those in need of emergency help due to domestic abuse.  We place the safety of victims first.  Cantor Law Group have over 70 years of combined experience.

Those wrongly accused of domestic violence may also benefit from our experience in these matters.  We strive to protect the rights of individuals through quality legal provision so that civil liberties are not violated and for peace of mind.

We are a Member of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers® and are easily accessible for those in need of urgent help as victims of domestic violence or unjustly accused thereof.  Contact a Scottsdale domestic violence lawyer for immediate protection against harm, and legal expertise to prevent future abuse.