Fathers’ Rights

Protecting the rights of fathers

The law in Arizona now recognizes the equal rights of fathers during separation and divorce.  Mothers no longer receive favorable treatment over fathers in custody cases, whether married or not.  Both mother and father are viewed equal in the eyes of the law and either may qualify for primary custody of a child.

The law places a duty on father and mother alike with legally protected parenting rights and responsibilities.  The same laws apply to soon-to-be fathers and mothers.  These rights and responsibilities may include:

  • time for parenting of child or children
  • child custody
  • adoption notification
  • child financial support

Fathers or soon-to-be fathers are as entitled to these legal rights pertaining to children, as are mothers.  If you are a father or soon-to-be one and have concerns about your legal rights and responsibilities in fatherhood, contact our Scottsdale divorce attorney for a free consultation and legal expertise to protect your parenting rights.

Divorce attorney successfully protects fathers’ rights in Scottsdale

Family laws applied in Phoenix and throughout the State of Arizona may pose challenges to fathers seeking to protect their parenting rights, or gain joint child custody.  Cantor Law Group divorce lawyers are knowledgeable on the obstacles faced by fathers, such as:

  • parental alienation when partners or spouses may attempt to reduce a fathers’ rights to child access and parenting time
  • prior divorce settlement instruction resulting in excessive spouse alimony/support and/or child support payments

Prior divorce settlement agreements can be legally modified to give fathers fair treatment.  Our divorce lawyers are experienced in divorce settlements and successful modifications.  If you are a divorced father or currently experiencing divorce, and require proven legal representation for protection of your rights, get in touch with us for assistance.

Cantor Law Group have over 70 years of combined experience.  We carefully explain the intricacies of fathers’ legal rights, listen to concerns and answer questions with up-to-date knowledge and experience.

We fervently stand up for the rights of fathers to be an active part of their child’s development with fair financial treatment.

Contact a Scottsdale fathers’ rights lawyer at Cantor Law Group for professional and confidential advice on parenting rights.  Our initial consultation is free-of-charge and may help you receive the information and advocacy you need to uphold your rights as a father.