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Getting Help from a Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse Defense Attorney

Domestic violence and spousal abuse is considered a criminal offense which carries severe consequences. Being married does not entitle anyone to hit or threaten their spouse in any way. An abusive relationship is not only worrisome for the spouse, but it is also quite disturbing for the kids. When there are threats of violence or episodes of actual physical violence in a relationship, it is defined as an abusive relationship. Such a relationship can have long-lasting effects that can be devastating, especially for kids. Seeking help from a criminal defense attorney is advised. In cases where kids are involved, you will have to contact a family lawyer so that your parental rights are protected. Read on to understand how a spousal abuse defense attorney can help.

What constitutes as Domestic Violence?

Relation abuse can take many forms and is not just limited to hitting. It can be in the form of physical or sexual assault, emotional abuse, isolation, stalking, assault and aggravated assault, child abuse, disorderly conduct, harassment, endangerment, violation of an Order of Protection, trespassing, threatening and intimidation as well as emotional and mental abuse. There are civil implications and remedies available in domestic violence cases in order to protect the victim from the abuser. If children are involved, it is important to get a divorce and file for custody of the children.

Since abuse comes in so many forms, the victim might not realize that they are in an abusive relationship. However, it is important to identify some warning signs such as if your spouse threatens you, stops you from seeing family and friends, threatens to take your children away from you, starts controlling your finances or stops you from accessing money, verbally insults you, makes you feel worthless, physical abuses you by kicking, slapping, pushing, or hitting, or threatens to hurt you if you try to leave the relationship. If any of these warning signs are present, your life and the lives of your children are in danger.

Victims of spousal abuse must seek help by calling the police and filing a report. Once the report is filed, it is advised to contact a spousal abuse attorney to take up the case. Lawyers and attorneys handle cases of domestic violence with sensitivity and discretion. Episodes of domestic violence play a significant part in the divorce process as well as child custody disputes. Safety and security of the victim is of utmost importance in these cases. In many cases, a domestic violence agency can also help by making a safety plan for the victim. The agency can find a safe place for you to stay and keep your location confidential. Moreover, it can also have a counselor-advocate attend court hearings with you and help you get a PRO (Personal Protection Order).

If you are in an abusive situation, call a local family lawyer immediately. The lawyer will help file protective orders, get a divorce and protect your child custody rights at the same time.

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